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10 картон хайрцаг Өндөр нарийвчлалтай бүтэцтэй 3096 х 3096 тавиур


Obj, 3ds, fbx ба max файлууд нь бүх материал, бүтэц, фолдерууд бүхий zip файлуудаар шахагдсан байдаг.

3096 х 3096 Өндөр нягтралтай бүтэцтэй өнгө, мөргөлдөх, газрын зураг тусах. Стандарт 3ds макс материал ба Vray материалыг оруулсан болно. .mat болон .mtl

* Та файлыг татаж авч болно .Шууд .rar дээр дарна., Боломжит Файлын Форматыг харна уу.


Дуусгах хэлбэрээр хийхэд хангалттай мэдээлэл.

Usually, in the case of thin and fragile (for example, cardboard) walls, the word “box” is used, and in the case of thicker (eg, wooden) walls, the word “box” is used. The shape of the box (box) remains the same as the empty box, and the filled one, which distinguishes it from bags and bags.

Box for vegetables (was very common in the USSR)
The shape of a rectangular parallelepiped (more rarely, another polyhedron) distinguishes a box (box) from a bucket, a can, a bottle and the like. This form has an advantage, since it saves space when storing and transporting vehicles, given that adjacent boxes (as well as rooms, cabinets, wagons, etc.) usually also have the shape of a polyhedron. On the other hand, boxes and boxes, due to their shape, are inconvenient for carrying by one person.

The most commonly used materials are wooden boards, cardboard, paper, tin, plastics, duralumin.

There are also stable speech expressions, for example, “black box”, “gearbox”, denoting objects that are currently completely unlike a box or box, but are called so for historical reasons.


Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging goods and materials and can also be recycled. Specialists in industry seldom use the term cardboard because it does not denote a specific material.

In business and industry, material producers, container manufacturers, packaging engineers and standard organizations, try to use more specific terminology. There is still not complete and uniform usage. Often the term cardboard is avoided because it does not define any particular material.

The first commercial paperboard box is sometimes credited to the firm M. Treverton & Sons in England in 1817. Cardboard box packaging was made the same year in Germany.

The first corrugated cardboard box manufactured in the US was in 1895. By the early 1900s, wooden crates and boxes were being replaced by corrugated paper sipping cartons.

By 1908, the terms “corrugated paper-board” and “corrugated cardboard” were both in use in the paper trade.

Cardboards can have a post-primary life as a cheap material for the construction of a range of projects.

At FlatPyramid, we have developed a high resolution 3-D model of Cardboard boxes & pallet. It is available in different formats for commercial, non-commercial and editorial purposes. The design can be used in any project. It is one of the most detailed models of Cardboard boxes & pallet that you will come across on the web. In case of any query, please feel free to contact. We will be obliged to help you.

Thank you for showing interest in buying 3-D model of Cardboard boxes & pallet.

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  • Босоо: 1
  • Полигон: 1
  • Геометр: Polygonal
  • Хөдөлгөөнтэй: Үгүй
  • Материал: Тийм
  • Хөөрч байна: Үгүй
  • ширхэгүүд: Тийм
  • Файлын формат: 3D Studio (.3ds), 3D Studio Max файл (.max), Photoshop (.psd), Wavefront (.obj)
  • Нэмэлтүүд: V-Ray
  • NID: 30014
3D Загварын ID: 197065

Нийтэлсэн: March 16, 2012

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