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Highly detailed modular Amusement park 3D model containing detailed buildings, road tiles, street ferris
дугуй Засгийн газрын дүүжин дүүжин парк явах гинжин зугаа цэнгэлийн хөгжилтэй багт наадам ferris дугуй Засгийн газрын савлуур дүүжин парк дүүжин наадам хүүхдийн бүтэц болон түүнээс дээш.
5 максимум файлууд өдөр, оройн шөнийн дүрсийг багтаасан байна.

Amusement park is a collective term describing a number of attractions and other types of entertainment located in one territory. An amusement park differs from ordinary parks in that it is designed specifically to entertain people, mainly adults, teenagers and children. Sometimes there are theme parks, i.e. amusement parks, attractions, surroundings, the staff of which are stylized under a certain theme, for example, the Wild West or the Island of Pirates.

In 1583, the “Bakken” park was built in Denmark. This event is considered the beginning of the history of stationary amusement parks. According to legend, one girl, walking in the Royal Deer Park in the north of Copenhagen, noticed a spring beating out of the ground. Gaining water, she brought her home. Water source considered healing. Thousands of people reached here. The Danes rested near the spring, enjoying the peace and coolness. Artists began to play here street performances for the fun of the public. Began to build booths. Inns appeared. This was followed by primitive rides. It is noteworthy that the Park "Bakken" continues to work without interruption to this day.

In the XVII — XVIII centuries in Europe (France, Italy), and then in Russia, in the gardens and parks of the highest nobility, a variety of entertainment was organized during the holidays. Aristocrats tried to surprise each other. At first, their architects, using all their imagination, focused only on changing the landscape (water cascades, artificial lakes, grottoes). Then came the first rides. One example is the Sacred Forest Park in Bomarzo (“monsters' villa”). The usual noble estate turned into a whole amusement park, where the attractions were the statues of monsters. It was the first attraction in the world of this type.

Amusement parks with water games (comic fountains) are widely used. The ingenious solution of engineering was a sudden spurt of water.

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