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Let us describe 3D model of Building.

A building or skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of over 40 floors, mostly designed for office, commercial and residential uses. A skyscraper can also be called a high-rise, but the term skyscraper is often used for buildings higher than 150 m. Building is a human-made structure made for the purpose of living or commercial use. The building is usually fixed in one place and has walls, roofs, and doors in its structure.

The main purpose of the building was to protect the humans from the weather and climate conditions, the buildings were made with the basic material such as branches, leaves, straws and animal hives. Which later upgraded to more durable material such as stone, timber and clay, to finally more synthetic material which is more durable, such as concrete, bricks, metal and tiles.

The technology has helped humans to build modern buildings taller and stronger than ever. There are different building on the basis of their purpose and use such as commercial, public, private and industrial. 3D building is a 3D model of the modern architecture of a building. The building is designed with high quality and details. All the previews are rendered with Vray mat and light. The files of the 3D model includes all lighting setup and texturing.

You can use the 3D model in any type of your project such as animation, gaming, commercial advertisement, 3D movie, virtual architectural design or any other project in which you want to showcase a building. Download the 3D model of this building from FlatPyramid at the best price available online. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries regarding the product.

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  • Босоо: 749812
  • Полигон: 852688
  • Геометр: Polygonal
  • Хөдөлгөөнтэй: Үгүй
  • Материал: Тийм
  • Хөөрч байна: Үгүй
  • ширхэгүүд: Тийм
  • Файлын формат: 3D Studio Макс файл (.max)
  • NID: 30307
3D Загварын ID: 197418

Нийтэлсэн: April 9, 2012

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