3d байр 075 3D загвар (хамгийн их)

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Building 075 3D model.

Өндөр нарийвчилсан 3d барилга.
Урьдчилсан үзүүлэлтээр анхдагч хайлтаар скрининг хийгдсэн.
Max file included default scanline version.

The art of architecture originated many centuries ago and has the same long history as humanity itself. Translated from the Latin word, architecture stands for how the art of creating projects and using them to build various structures that create a materially ordered territory that people need for a full life and work. Architecture is often referred to as frozen music, as it obeys the same mathematical laws as notes. The two main components of any work of art are the idea and its material representation. If the master managed to achieve a harmonious combination of these elements, then the result of his work will be truly delightful and elegant. Each stage of development of human civilization has its own characteristic architectural style, which symbolizes a specific historical period, its main features, ideology and character. Architectural monuments are able to provide information about what was important in the life of people at the time of their construction, what was true beauty and art for them, what was the nature of their life and much more. The great civilizations of the past are very often associated with nothing more than the architectural creations that remained after them. For example, Egypt is famous for its pyramids, China - the Great Wall of China, the Roman Empire left an architectural mark in history in the form of the majestic Colosseum and such great examples.

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  • Босоо: 749812
  • Полигон: 852688
  • Геометр: Polygonal
  • Хөдөлгөөнтэй: Үгүй
  • Материал: Тийм
  • Хөөрч байна: Үгүй
  • ширхэгүүд: Тийм
  • Файлын формат: 3D Studio Макс файл (.max)
  • NID: 30306
3D Загварын ID: 197417

Нийтэлсэн: April 9, 2012

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