3D загвар зул сарын гацуур мод

Christmas Tree 3D models

Christmas tree is a decorative element, typical of the Christmas party. Traditionally one often used Conifer of evergreens, highlighting species including spruce, or even trees pine. Nowadays, the use of artificial trees, plastic, and other synthetic materials are also very popular. It is decorated with ornaments such as colored balls of glass or other less fragile material, lights, stars, bells, bows, tinsel, garlands or other decorations.When the first Christians arrived in northern Europe, they discovered that its inhabitants celebrated the birth of Frey, the god of the Sun and fertility, adorning a perennial tree, on the date close to Christian Christmas. This tree symbolized the tree of the Universe, called Yggdrasil, in whose cup was Asgard (the dwelling place of the gods) and Valhalla (the palace of Odin ); and in the deepest roots was Helheim (the kingdom of the dead). Later with the evangelization of these peoples, the converts 2They took the idea of ​​the tree, to celebrate the birth of Christ, but totally changing the meaning.You will find different 3D Model Christmas Tree here.It is said that St. Boniface (680-754), evangelizer of Germany, took an ax and cut a tree that represented the Yggdrasil (although it could also be a tree consecrated to Thor ), and instead planted a pine, which is perennial, symbolized the love of God, adorning it with apples and candles. The apples symbolized original sin and temptations, while the candles represented the light of Jesus Christ as the light of the world. As time passed, the apples and candles were transformed into spheres, lights, and other ornaments.Then the tradition of putting gifts for children under the tree, sent by the San Nicolás or also known as Santa Claus (and Santa Claus ) or the Magi , depending on the customs of the area where you are.Download Christmas Tree 3D Models on Flatpyramid.