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Fox 3d model

Fox is the common name for several species of canine mammals. Only 10 species of this group belong to the genus foxes proper. The most famous and common representative is the ordinary fox. Foxes are found in the folklore of many peoples around the world.

Representatives of the genus are characterized by an elongated squat body, head with an extended pointed muzzle. Ears are usually relatively large (except for species inhabiting polar latitudes – see Allen’s rule), eyes with vertically oval pupils. The tail is fluffy, rounded, from half to full length of head and body. Monogamous females usually have six or eight mammary glands.

The red fox lives in temperate zones, but other species live in humid and swampy climates, such as the Bengal fox, in warm herbaceous savannas, such as the Cape fox, or in cold and dry areas mountainous, such as the Tibetan fox. The kit fox is a specialist of the American deserts and is characterized by its graceful body and wide ears, which make it similar to the fenec ( Fennecus zerda ) of the Sahara, in a classic example of convergent evolution. The latter is sometimes called Vulpes zerda, but the most common is that it is assigned to its own genre: Fennecus.

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